Hi, I'm Jackie Wyant - the creative behind Salt&Unicorns.

Graphic Design has been part of my life for over 20 years. My experience ranges from logos and business cards to promotional materials and multi-page documents, utilizing my skills in illustration, layout design, and copy editing.

Many artists & designers, when considering a brand identity for themselves, choose a descriptor that reflects their personality and method. When considering a business name for myself, I wanted something that was a bit nonsensical, but also had a personal connection.

The thought process for Salt&Unicorns went something like this: The horse has always been my favorite animal (they are like big dogs)  >  unicorns are horses with horns on their heads (dangerous!)  >  horses like sugar cubes (so I've been told)  >  unicorns, an absurd mythical creature, would probably prefer salt cubes (since rainbows don't come in cube form)

The result: Reality spiced with a bit of the absurd.