Indie Authors & Publishers

A series of illustrations to be used in the navigation of a website dedicated to independent authors and publishers. Each illustration (or set of illustrations) leads you to a different part of the site. Images were created with site-specific sizes in mind, and cropped for thumbnail view. The logic behind each illustration is listed below the image.

Created completely in Adobe Illustrator, using photographic references.

Auto Love

In doing some research for a potential job, I fell in love with the lines of the Porsche 356 - specifically, the lightweight coupé, of which only 50 were made. Needless to say, finding good reference material was quite the job, but the end results are a labor of love.

Final composite rendered almost completely in Illustrator, with Photoshop for a few small finishing touches.

Moka Coffee

Homage to that which allows all things to happen. Rendered completely in Illustrator, using several photo references, one physical moka pot, and 4 shots of espresso.

Available as a print on various things @Society6.